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With the change of stamping process, different technical support and cost reduction methods gain more advantages. The single die manufacturing method we used before is now generally replaced by continuous die stamping. The metal stamping process is improved. Now it is continuous die. Let's introduce the manufacturing process of continuous die.
progressive die
During the stamping process of metal stamping continuous die, the material belt always moves downward. After the material belt inside the die is cut off, it moves in two or more directions is called progressive die. The material belt feeding completed inside the die is called automatic feeding continuous die. On a metal stamping production chain, the stamping dies with different processes use manipulators or other automatic facilities, The die for stamping the workpiece by moving the die or parts is called multi station die. In real life, in order to get the same workpiece, batch production is also required. At this time, the die needs to be used. In order to achieve stable and rapid production, there is a continuous die or progressive die.

The main focus of the continuous die is the material belt, because the material belt is the core of the whole continuous die. Among them, the material belt design is related to the designer's design ideas. It is known that the material belt is composed of several parts, such as belt material point, knife splitting position, bending process, etc., which is the actual process of changing materials into metal stamping products.

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